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I came to Seattle over 30 years ago to be in a show and just... stayed. I'm now a recovering actor, studying to become an elementary school teacher. 


What qualifies me to lead your tour?  I'm tall,loud and I love Seattle. I plan to win the lottery and move closer to the water. 


My coffee of choice is a double tall shot-in-the-dark from Diva Espresso, preferably with a doughnut from Top Pot or Mighty-O.   


For a fun meal, my family and I will head to Snappy Dragon or Wak'n Bacon, or even to Teatro Zinzanni (again, after winning the lottery).


If I could travel back in time, I'd plan the perfect dinner party with dinner guests Shakespeare, Eleanor Roosevelt, Voltaire, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Bennie Hill.

Wild Flowers
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