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I’ve been a sharing the narrative of the underground as a tour guide in Pioneer Square since 2013. I took the job to pay off my student loans, but it turned out to be such a pleasure revealing the layers of the city’s history, especially related to the underground, that I kept the job for the enjoyment of it!

Weirdly enough, I don’t drink coffee or eat seafood…why do I live here!? (Sometimes I ask myself.) I enjoy the blanket of dreary fall days which often require a cup tea for me instead.

Aside from giving tours, I make art and clothing, I weave chairs and work as an apprentice for a local artist, and I teach yoga and host a weekly donation yoga class in Wallingford. If you’d like to parooze my crazy world, check out:


I would love to go as far back in time as necessary to see the world before man made much of a mark on it. I wouldn’t want to relegate myself to one spot though, I’d want to travel the world and see it in its purist form.

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